Song list - find lyrics by album

Title Album
Añada pa Julia Only for Three Months
Avery and the Merchants of Bristol Navajos and Pirates
Billy Don't you Weep for Me The Bite
Black Muddy River The Kingshill Valley
Brigg Fair The Kingshill Valley
Danza de Cariño / Danza Prima-El Faltón'd-Arriba The Bite
Drowsy Maggie The Kingshill Valley
Entemediu / Muñeira de Carcarosa The Bite
Gwerzioù / Ton-bale / J’ai vu le Loup Navajos and Pirates
Harvest Home, Soldier’s Joy, John Ryan’s Polka The Kingshill Valley
I Once Loved a Lass The Kingshill Valley
Jock O’Hazeldene The Kingshill Valley
Lannigan’s Ball, The Peeler’s away with my Daughter, The Rocky Road to Dublin The Kingshill Valley
Mary, Young and Fair The Kingshill Valley
Morpeth Rant The Kingshill Valley
Muiñeira de Cabana / La Danza / Danza Queimada Navajos and Pirates
Muiñeira de Morrazo / Muiñeira de Lugo Navajos and Pirates
Napoleon Crossing the Alps, Red-Haired Boy The Kingshill Valley
Navajos and Pirates Navajos and Pirates
Nellie Torrence and Jeannie Waldie The Bite
Only For Three Months The Bite
Only For Three Months (Solo Por Tres Meses) Songs of the Spanish Civil War
Rain & Snow The Kingshill Valley
Schottische de Dimanche / Muiñeira del Año Nuevo Navajos and Pirates
Solo Por Tres Meses (Only For Three Months) Only for Three Months
Star of the County Down The Kingshill Valley
Tears In My Eyes (Les Larmes Aux Yeux) The Bite
The Bite The Bite
The Bite Songs of the Spanish Civil War
The Bloody Inn The Bite
The Child Mother (La Fille Mère)
The Child Mother (La Fille Mère) The Bite
The English Penny Songs of the Spanish Civil War
The Flower of Magherally The Bite
The Garden of England Navajos and Pirates
The Girl who Lived in the Woods Navajos and Pirates
The Lover from Nantes Navajos and Pirates
The Maid of Culmore The Kingshill Valley
The Silver Duro Navajos and Pirates
The Silver Duro Songs of the Spanish Civil War
Three Bonny Ships Navajos and Pirates
Three Bonny Ships (A Bordeaux Il Vient d’Arriver) Only for Three Months
Three Matelots (Tri Martolod) The Bite
When I Took My Horse to Water Navajos and Pirates
When I Took my Horse to Water (Quand je menai mes chevaux boire) Only for Three Months