St. Neots Folk Club, The Priory Centre, St Neots 21st June 2022

Ah, the mysteries of ‘unknown unknowns’. Only the satellites in the sky will ever know why the quick-witted idiot that is my SATNAV picked out such a circuitous and very rural route to get us to St. Neots for our Tuesday night gig. It certainly knew something we did not.  Despite living very close to the A1M, it didn't deliver us to it before we arrived in Hitchin in the north of the county. Thankfully, beyond that, it was clear sailing.

We arrived at the excellent Priory Centre in St. Neots in plenty of time to take our sandwiches and fruit out onto its sun drenched terrace overlooking the Great Ouse to watch elegant rowers and less-than-elegant paddleboarders passing by.

Refreshed, we returned to the car to get our gear and take it the St Neots Folk Club venue, an intimate room at the top of the community centre. With the Town Council in session in the next door room and French rock ‘n’ roll dance phenomenon CEROC about to kick off downstairs, it was a busy night.

It was great to chat with club organisers Roger and Patti as club members gathered for the evening. Knowing the folk club well, it was wonderful to see how many of our old friends have ventured out on such a roasting hot evening to sit inside and listen to our music. Much appreciated.

As always, the floor spots by club members were excellent and, this being our fourth gig in quick succession, we felt on top form in both of our two sets. St. Neots is a great chorus singing club and our current set list is well stocked with songs for people to join in with. So, the end result was a really lovely and satisfying evening, with lots of excellent feedback given at the end of the concert.

We were treated once more to the unknown unknowns on our way home as the SATNAV was adamant we return to St Albans not via the straight line A1M route but cross county all the way to the M1 and south. Anyway, we were home by midnight for - at least in my case - a decaf cuppa and a read of my book to wind down before bed. That rock ‘n’ roll for you.