Fund raiser for the Da Capo Music Foundation, Hampstead, NW3, 28th November 2019

It was a splendid end to a splendid year of performances for Na-Mara at Rosslyn Hill Chapel in Hampstead, NW3. 

Rob and I set off very early from St Albans to try and beat the London rush hour traffic but we failed.  Grim weather, heavy traffic and road works all conspired against us.  Thankfully, we were playing acoustically and, as such, we were a still able to arrive, unpack, set up and grab a sandwich well ahead of people arriving for the 7.30pm start.

Rob and I were performing two thirty-minute sets at a fund raiser for the wonderful Da Capo Music Foundation, a charity that believes every person should have the opportunity to discover the joy in making music and works phenomenally hard to achieve that vision.

Rosslyn Hill Chapel is a glorious venue for music.  A large, flexible, space to create virtually any audience layout, it has a superb acoustic.  I’ll confess that when I initially entered the chapel, I had some concerns about whether we could adequately fill the space with our instruments.  However, I was quickly comforted once Rob and I began our warm up.

The Da Capo Music Foundation has friends and supporters from across the musical spectrum and we were delighted that the sizeable audience in attendance at Rosslyn Hill Chapel was wonderfully well engaged with our music all evening.  The feedback we received at the end of the evening was warm and supportive.  We couldn’t have been happier. 

Many thanks to Michelle Groves and Jane Cutler for the invitation to perform and we wish them every success with both Foundation and all their music educational ventures.