Cambridge Folk Club, 22nd November 2019

Following the unfortunate illness of one of their guest artists for the evening, club organisers at Cambridge Folk Club approached Rob and I about the possibility of stepping in to cover at short notice.  Always happy to reciprocate the decade long support Cambridge Folk Club has given to us, we were delighted to oblige. 

Rob and I were both free that evening with the only complication being that Rob was up in Manchester through the day.  So, we organised for me to travel from St Albans with Rob’s gear and set us both up before the evening started.  This would allow Rob to arrive as soon as he was able and we could both then go straight into a sound check.  Given the risks around drive times from Manchester on a Friday evening, fellow double-headliner, Eric Sedge, very kindly agreed to take to the stage before us.

The evening was kicked off with half a dozen very beautiful songs and tunes by Sam Inglis on guitar and Abby Wollston on cello and nyckelharpa.  The combination of fine guitar work and the sonorous tones of the cello were a delight.

Then, Eric Sedge took to the stage.  Eric is a very experienced performer who has done a lot of work with Richard Digance and was also a leading member of The Broadside Boys.  Eric writes excellent songs and sings them wonderfully well.  Without doubt the most poignant song of the evening was Eric’s farewell to his former Broadside Boys partner, Mat Bayfield, who passed away recently.

With Rob safely arrived from the travails of the M62 and A1, he and I took the opportunity for a sound check over the break following Eric’s set.  Sound technician, Kelvin - who did a great job under pressure all evening - got us through the sound check in double quick time and we were ready in good time to do our 50-minute set. 

We had put together a set focused on our new CD Sisters & Brothers.  The Cambridge audience was in good voice and ready to sing and, I have to say, we were on great form. Comments after the set suggested a number of audience members thought this our best ever performance at Cambridge and I’m inclined to agree with much of that down to Kelvin making us feel very at home on stage.

Thanks as always to Robin, Marion, Andy and others for thinking of us and inviting us to perform again at Cambridge Folk Club and we look forward to doing so again in the not too distant future.