Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party, Tuesday 24th September 2019

After the Skipton Folk Unplugged gig, Rob and I sat up late with Chris and had beers and snacks, winding down, not getting to bed until 1.30am. So, it was a lazy morning over a wonderful breakfast watching the UK constitution evolving in real time as the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the Prime Minister’s attempt at prorogation of Parliament, 11-0.

However, by early afternoon, we needed to say our goodbyes and set off for our gig in Crewe.  The main reportable feature of the journey was the almost apocalyptic rain that lashed us as we travelled back over the Pennines on a very busy M62. Eventually, we broke through the weather front and late afternoon turned to light cloud. 

We made a quick pit stop for a sarnie at Knutsford Services on the M6 before making our way over to Crewe, where we arrived in good time.

Event organiser for the evening, Joy Bratherton, was there to greet us, along with local performer Barry Lawton who was providing the support for the evening.  Joy had prepared a lovely buffet for half time and, as the start time of 7.00pm approached, the room for the performance began to fill up.  The venue was now a community centre but in times past had been a primary school.  So, there was plenty of space. The acoustics were fine and, again there was a main room and a spillover space at the back of the performance area. 

Bang on 7.00pm Barry started and did a great job in warming the audience up with a mix of his own songs and some covers.  His nice guitar work and powerful voice certainly got the evening off to a great start.  We wish him well with his music making and hope to see him again on the club circuit soon.

We reprised the set that we’d performed a few nights earlier in Glossop and, again, it seemed to go down very well.  It was certainly very interesting chatting to audience members during the break about the story of the Basque children.

Joy had very kindly arranged the slightly earlier start to the event to make things as easy as possible for us driving back home to St Albans that night.  So, we finished a little after 10.00pm with audience members kindly assisting us with getting our gear out to the car so that we could get away in good time. 

Many thanks to Joy and all her fellow members of the Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party for welcoming us so warmly on our first visit to Crewe and to the wonderful Joy, in particular, for the original invitation and for arranging the evening to accommodate our needs.

So, we set off, content that we’d had four excellent evenings away playing music that people had enjoyed, safe in the knowledge we’d both got our name out to a fair few people who hadn’t heard it before and made a decent number of new friends.  However, the British motorway system late at night is adept at sucking the joy from any such happy circumstance.  M6 (Toll) closed at one point, M6 closed at one point, M1 closed at one point.  So, like a national game of Mornington Crescent, it was M42, M40, M25, Home, feeling weary but contented once again.