Skipton Folk Unplugged, Monday 23rd September 2019

After another excellent breakfast near the Market Hall in Altincham, we set off around 11.30am to make our way east to our next gig in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Up ‘til now, Irritata, the goddess of motorway problems had been quiet.  I don’t know what we’d done to upset her but her opening gambit on the Monday of our trip was a 45 minute (at least) delay on the moors part of the M62.  So, we decided to set off onto the country route through Todmorden and Hebden Bridge.  Sadly, Frustratum, the god of minor roadworks, was also pretty pee-ed off about something or other.  So, it ended up a long old trip – but a very pretty one.

Our first stop was in Rawdon, where we were staying that evening with family, and it was a great relief to get there and have a soothing cuppa put in our hands.  As always, the perfect hosts, Chris and Gaynor, looked after us wonderfully well and Gaynor set us up for our evening performance with a great Moroccan stew late afternoon – perfect timing and just what the doctor ordered as the sunshine of the previous days disappeared, the thermometer dropped a little and the rain moved in.

Hoping we might get chance to explore Skipton while it was still dry, we set off early, guided expertly by Chris.  Sadly, we didn’t quite make it before the rain and, as such, our tour of the town was done in cagoules in the dark.  However, what we did see of Skipton itself looked very nice indeed and I hope to return there in daylight in the not too distant future.

In our wanderings, we passed the venue for the evening.  So, we moved the car to a nearby car park, had a cup of tea in the pub and were ready for when club organiser, Sheila, arrived. 

The club takes place in a lovely upstairs room at the Narrow Boat Pub, in Victoria Street, very close, as the name suggests to major canal infrastructure.  Adorned with barge porthole ornaments, the venue is both intimate and warm.

The evening went very well indeed.  Both halves of the evening were kicked off with sets by local trio, One-a-chord, with a lovely mix of accordion, whistles and harp/guitar, plus some great vocals from accordion player, Frank.  In each half, One-a chord were followed by a song from club regular, Jean.   

We played well and the chorus singing was done with great enthusiasm.  Everyone had a terrific evening and I’m pleased to report that the feedback from club members and organisers was very positive.

Skipton Folk Unplugged is a lovely folk club and we look forward to returning there again one day.  Many thanks to Sheila for her invitation, warm welcome and kind words on the evening.