Chesham Folk Club, 1st July 2019

It is always a pleasure to perform at Chesham Folk Club.  The welcome is invariably warm, the banter is great and the club musicians of the highest quality.

Living close by, we were able to leave home after an early evening meal and still be at the club well before the starting time.  We parked up unpacked the car around 7.15pm and made our way up to the club room - a pleasant and airy space on the upper floor of the White Hill centre. There we found volunteer club members had already laid everything out for the evening ahead.  So, we were able to chat in comfort with the volunteers who by then were taking a well- earned rest, and catch up on all the club news.

Audience numbers grew steadily through the following hour and we had a healthy number of people seated by the time the evening kicked off.  It was great to see some friends from the Watford Folk Club had come along to support us.

MC Bob Templeman kicked the evening off with a lovely pair of tunes played on guitar, followed by a song.  Other excellent floor artists throughout the evening included Liz and Chris Lawley, Dave Artus and Stuart Murdoch, one half of the formidable Stout Brothers.

Our two sets seemed to go down well and the audience was in fine voice on the choruses.  We even had some requests in the break and at the end from audience members asking to play some of our songs themselves.  We were happy to oblige.  It is an honour to be asked.  

Many thanks to Clive Carey, Alan B and all at Chesham Folk Club for the invitation to perform and we look forward to returning to the club again at some time in the future.