Colindale Folk Club, Colindale, London, Monday 10th June 2019

This was our first trip to the Colindale Folk Club which takes place in a side room of the Chandos Arms in Colindale Avenue, in London.  The club has been growing in reputation over the four years since Mark Mulrooney established it and a lot of well known folk acts have now topped the bill there.  As such, it was an honour for us to join that list

Although there is no physical barrier between the performance space and the rest of the pub, the use of a P.A. system - expertly managed by Norwegian landlord Are Kolltveit - provides an effective aural separation.  People outside the room can hear but people inside the room are not distracted by outside noise.  This, along with expert club management by Mark, ensures the room acts well as a private performance space.

Despite utterly appalling weather conditions, a good-sized audience turned up for the evening.  I understand that support slots at the club are increasingly in demand and the quality of the artists they are now attracting was very apparent.  We certainly enjoyed listening to Tom Lavin and we wish him well with his new album release.   With his hugely powerful voice, great blues guitar and heartfelt compositions, Graham Robins was a compelling listen and it was a real delight to listen again to Craig Joiner.  I had first seen Craig perform at Watford-based singer, David Gunawardana’s recent album launch.  So, I knew he was going to be excellent and he didn’t disappoint in any way.  With a great voice, lovely guitar work and thoughtful compositions, Craig deserves to do very well indeed on the folk circuit and I look forward to hearing his new album when it is released.

We played a straight one-hour set and, after a string of probably twenty gigs playing acoustic, it was a novelty to be back performing again with a full p.a. set up.  The set went well and I’m pleased to report that we received plenty of good feed back at the end of the show. 

Then, it was back out into the pouring rain and a flood-disrupted journey to get home.

Many thanks to Mark Mulrooney for the invitation to perform at the club.  We wish the Colindale Folk Club every success in the future and very much look forward to seeing Tom, Graham and Craig on the circuit in the coming months and years.