Banbury Folk Club, 22nd May 2019

We had wanted to perform at the Banbury Folk Club for a long times having initially been made aware of the club when we recorded our album, The Bite, at Blue Moon recording studios situated a few miles to the north of the town.

Since we knew the route well from our visits to Blue Moon, we chose a cross country route to get there.  We arrived in good time to have a stroll round Banbury’s attractive town centre before having a sarnie and ‘pick me up’ banana back at the car which we’d parked very close to the club venue, The Church House pub.  Just after 7.00pm we began to unpack the gear and take it over to the club.

Starting at 8.00pm, Banbury Folk Club takes place in a good sized room, upstairs in The Church House pub in the heart of town.  We’d arranged with club organiser, Kevin West, ahead of the gig that we’d play acoustically.  This meant that set up was quite quick and we had chance to have a good chat with Kevin.  While taking the gear in, we also made the acquaintance of Rebecca Mileham, one half of the support act for the evening, The Newland Conspiracy.

A short while later Rebecca’s playing partner, Luke Harris, arrived and it was a real pleasure to meet them both and hear them rehearse.  Look out for The Newland Conspiracy on the club circuit.  Both of its members have excellent voices, they are good instrumentalists and their harmonies are sublime.

By 8.00pm, the club room had filled up nicely and The Newland Conspiracy kicked the evening off with a lovely set - fully deserving the encore club members requested.

Nicely warmed up in this way, the audience seemed very receptive to our music, with at least one audience member explicitly coming along to listen to our French-based material.

It was clear by the enthusiasm in the choruses, the comments from club members during both the break and at the end of the performance and from subsequent CD sales and Facebook follows that our performance had gone down very well.

Contentedly, we packed up, said our goodbyes and headed for home. 

Sometimes a wrong turning can prove serendipitous and this was one such occasion. The SAT-NAV bamboozled us at one roundabout and, instead of making a return to the point of error, we ploughed on and discovered a very benign route back to St Albans.

Very many thanks to Kevin West for his invitation to perform at Banbury Folk Club and for his kind words both on and after the evening’s performance.  We sincerely hope to make a return to the town to perform at the club and/or the club-organised Banbury Folk Festival at some time in the future.