Tonbridge (Nellies) Folk Club, 20th May 2019

It was nice to make a return to Tonbridge Folk Club and see the club in its new home in The Flying Dutchman PH in Hildenborough near Tonbridge.   

We set off round the M25 just ahead of the rush hour and made amazingly good time.  This allowed us to park up in Tonbridge town centre, stretch our legs a little bit and get ourselves a cuppa before travelling on to the gig.

The evening got underway at 8.00pm with organiser Roger Resch and fellow members of the club playing in an introductory set of tunes.  This was followed by a range of talented residents performing. 

I’m pleased to report we performed well for both sets and club members were generous in their vocal support on the choruses.

A highlight of the evening was to meet up with David Pratt and his wife who had kindly come along to hear us perform.  David has just completed a very supportive and impressively well-researched review of our new album, Sisters & Brothers, and it was a real pleasure to be able to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ to him.

We wish the Tonbridge Folk Club all the very best for the future.