Orpington Folk Club, Thursday, 22nd March 2019

It was a great pleasure to return for a third time to the Orpington Folk Club.  The welcome there is always warm, the banter excellent and the music of a very high standard.

Rob and I arrived early, just as club organisers were setting the club room up for the evening. This gave us chance to catch up with them on all the club news. 

The folk club itself has an excellent space provided by a large room to the rear of the lively Change of Horses pub in Farnborough Village just outside Orpington.  Such is the enthusiasm to play music in the club that, well before the official 8:00pm club opening time, the excellent house band of Ted, Steve and Ann usually strike up as soon as they get there and club members are treated to a wide range of great tunes and songs on accordion, guitar and flute as they arrive.

Rob and I went on at about 8.30pm-ish with our new season’s set list and were pleased to see we had a nicely busy room to perform to. Naturally, given our plans to officially launch our new album, Sisters & Brothers, the following week, the set list was heavily oriented to showcasing material from that album.

I’ can report that the new material went very down well, especially the title track and a new song called The Sirens’ Call,  and the whole evening proved an excellent start to our 2019 season of gigs.

Sadly, the transition into 2019 appears to have done little to improve the state of late night motorway driving. The journey home was ‘interesting’ but we made it through.

Many thanks to Steve, ted and all in the Orpington Folk Club committee for the invitation to return to the club.  It was a lovely evening spent with friendly folk enthusiasts.