Maidenhead Folk Club, Thursday 7th June 2018

Albeit holidays and illness meant numbers were a little below their usual average, Rob and I had a lovely evening at the Maidenhead Folk Club yesterday evening.  Those who had managed to make it along were very welcoming and fully engaged with what we were playing, joining in robustly with choruses from the very start of the evening

The club meets in a comfortable side room in the well appointed New Inn in Taplow.  Excellent floor spots were provided during the evening by Mark Ashworth, Arthur and Margaret and we had everything from some of Mark’s poignant self-penned compositions to fine renditions of Sovay Sovay and Johnny has gone for a Soldier.

I’m pleased to report that logistics all worked out well  - apart from me having the wrong post code for the venue.  It took me a little time to work this out on my arrival in the town but on the positive side I now have a decent working knowledge of Maidenhead Town Centre.

Very many thanks to Mary and to the committee at Maidenhead Folk Club for the invitation to perform at the club once again.  It was a real pleasure.  We wish the club every success and look forward to hearing how their biannual song competition goes next year.