NAF Club, 5th June 2018

It was very nice indeed to return to the excellent NAF Club last night.

We arrived nice and early at the Star and Garter pub in Silsoe near Bedford which hosts the club.  This was partly because the M1 behaved itself but mostly because, for some reason, I had a start time in my head for the club that was 30 minutes earlier than was the case.

Anyway, the bar staff let us into the club room and we had plenty of time to tune up and to chat with friends who had kindly travelled over from the Baldock and Letchworth Folk and Blues Club to come and support us.

It was nice to then catch up with club organiser, Ned Lawton, and hear about how NAF Club was faring and what he has been up to musically since his previous band, the three-piece Ragged Staff, made their decision not to continue.  I’ll leave it to Ned to tell the world what he is up to but, watch out, it certainly sounds an exciting project.

The NAF Club is held in a room upstairs at the Star and Garter and provides for an intimate atmosphere, especially with the array of night lights that are illuminated as evening falls. 

The club room filled up quickly as the allotted start time of 8.15pm approached and floor singers provided a nice balance of country and western, Americana, a bit of 19702 pop-folk.  At the start of the second half, Mike Nacey, also formerly of Ragged Staff, provided a delightful short instrumental set on his new electric tenor guitar.

It was satisfying to hear audience members joining in with the choruses and enjoying the quieter pieces in both of our two sets and the feedback from audience members at the end of the show was pleasantly supportive.

Many thanks to Ned Lawton for the invitation to perform again at the NAF Club and we wish him, his new musical venture and, of course, the NAF Club itself every success in the future.