Epping Music Club, 16th May 2018

Rob and I greatly enjoyed our trip to visit Trevor Kreuger’s Epping Music Club for the first time last night.  We were providing support for the rightly revered singer-songwriter Reg Meuross and we also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with an opening set from the very talented Linda Em.

The Epping Music Club has recently moved to the Barn at the Black Lion pub on Epping High Street from its former venue at the nearby St. John Church.  The venue is a compact space but with enough room to pack in a good sized crowd.  Naturally, Reg’s pulling power meant that the room was pretty much full to capacity by the time Linda Em took to the stage.  Accompanied by Ian Montague, Linda sang a number of her own powerful and heartfelt songs.  She is a wonderful talent and had the audience enthralled from the very beginning.

We then took to the stage for a 35 minute slot.  This time, we started with Sisters and Brothers, our call to folk singers to remember their geography as well as their history. We have increasingly been using this song as a final number for our sets but using it as an opener certainly took on the audience momentum that Linda had earlier built up. 

In a set that comprised mostly our own penned material, we found room for one of our trademark translations (in If I Had but One True Love) and a set of dance tunes.  From the raucous calls for an encore and subsequent CD sales, I’m pleased to report that the audience clearly enjoyed what we’d done.  A special mention at this point for Ian Montague who, in addition to providing excellent guitar accompaniment for Linda Em, did an excellent job for us on the sound desk.

Our part played, we then sat down to enjoy Reg Meuross.  In the unlikely event that you have not been along to see Reg perform, he writes the most insightful and thoughtful songs about the widest range of subjects, personal and political, serious and funny.  He sings beautifully and, last night at least, accompanied himself on a wonderful vintage, all mahogany, Martin guitar.  Thoroughly enjoyable.

We certainly wish Trevor, Ian, Jane and the whole team at Epping Music Club the very best for the future.  They have a great new venue and an excellent forthcoming programme and we hope the good people of the area continue to support the club and, of course, that we get a chance to make a return to the club at some stage in the future.