A quiet night at Amberley Acoustic Music Club, 19th September 2017

Audience sizes at music venues are unpredictable and, not for the first time, we arrived at a club on a quiet night. Who knows the reason why the Amberley Acoustic Music Club was so quiet that particular night? Given it was our first visit to the club, it can’t have been a conscious decision to stay away. It was the first evening after the club’s summer break, it was a bit parky, Bake Off was on telly, the second round of the Carabao Cup, who knows? It is just one of those things and, as far as I can make out, it is something many fellow travelling musicians have experienced.

Anyway, the small audience that did attend seemed generally very appreciative of what we did and engaged with our stories. Club organiser Andrew was similarly very welcoming as were his fellow floor singers.

The club venue is a pleasant side room in what looks like a lovely pub (The George and Dragon in Houghton near Amberley in West Sussex.)

We enjoyed our time at the club, which is much more that we can say for the journey to and from it. At times it felt like the transport planners were determined we should not reach the club and, having failed in that, were doubly determined to ensure we didn’t get home. We are pretty used to roads being closed and lanes being shut in the wee hours but the closure of three out of four lanes on the M25 can still cause almighty chaos, even at midnight. AS we approached home, we marvelled at motorway signs informing the drivers that both the A1 and the M1 were closed at certain points and, in case you needed to relieve yourself, so was the next service station. Thank heavens we weren’t going that way.

Understandably, we were completely knackered by the time we reached home. (I still am.)