Amongst Friends once more in Welwyn Garden City, 10th September 2017

Rob and I have had the pleasure of playing for the Friends Music Society in Welwyn Garden City a number of times before, most recently in April 2010 and again in October 2014. So, it was a real pleasure and honour to be invited back to perform for the Society once again.

Following its refurbishment in 2014, Friends Music has now returned to its historic home which is at the Quaker Meeting House in Welwyn Garden City. The setting for the current concerts is nicely intimate allowing audience members to sit around three sides of the performers which facilitates dynamic interaction between both.

So, not only were we meeting at the Friends Meeting House, we were meeting our friends from Friends Music again and, additionally, a lot of our personal friends had kindly taken time out of their Sunday evening to come across from St Albans and elsewhere to see us perform. So, we had friends present in multiple definitions on the evening and that greatly helped in setting the scene for a truly lovely evening.

Friends Music runs a series of Sunday evening concerts with all types of music included; classical of many varieties, jazz and male voice choirs are all represented on their autumn programme. It was, therefore, our great pleasure to add folk music to the programme.

As the 6:00pm time for starting the concert approached, the concert room filled pretty much to capacity. Albeit not a folk audience, I’m pleased to report that those present were easily persuaded into getting involved in choruses and, together, we all made an excellent sound. The audience were also good listeners and proved intensely interested in the stories we were telling through our songs and music.

We played two sets of around 40 minutes, with a short break between.

Admission to Friends Music evenings is free and there is almost always a charity nominated by the evening’s performers to which attendees can contribute. Because it has being stalking a number of our personal friends in recent times, we nominated Prostate Cancer UK as our charity for the evening and were very pleased to have our good friend Phil Coates with us to start off the second half of the concert with a brief presentation on the disturbing statistics surrounding this terrible disease and to provide details about the important and excellent work done by Prostate Cancer UK.

In terms of the music, Rob and I had a lot of very positive feedback at both half time and at the end of the performance and I am delighted to further report that audience members proved very generous indeed in their donations to Prostate Cancer UK at the end of the evening – for which many many thanks.

We very much enjoyed ourselves throughout the evening and sincerely hope to return once more to the Friends Music series in the coming years. Thanks to organisers George, David, Helen, Mary and Vicky for the invitation to perform once more at the Friends Music concert series and for looking after us so well whilst we were with them.. Thanks also to Phil Coates for coming along to speak on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK and, indeed, for all his Herculean efforts on behalf of this important charity.