A first visit to Bracknell Folk Club, 6th June 2017

Following a speculative enquiry back in mid-2016, we were pleased to be invited by club organiser Steve Primarolo to perform for our first time at the Bracknell Folk Club.

After meeting up at a friend’s house in Reading for a cuppa and a bite to eat, Rob and I made our way over in the early evening to The Sun pub in Windlesham, between Bracknell and Bagshot.

The club takes place in the side room of what seems to be a very pleasant pub which the organisers help sound proof with some effective acoustic curtaining. Once set up, this all makes for a very intimate atmosphere for the club and one that is highly conducive to listening to the sort of stories we like telling.

Steve and the other club organisers were most welcoming when we arrived and we managed to have a good chat about the club and what it has been up to recently before evening proceedings kicked off. The club has some excellent floorsingers and in the two floorsinger slots for the evening we were treated to a nice mix of traditional and contemporary songs accompanied at different times by guitars and a shruti box.

I’m pleased to report that we performed well and the audience reaction throughout our two sets was very positive. This is an excellent singing club and our choruses were well picked up. It is also an excellent listening club and there was a lot of interest shown at half time and at the end in the subjects that we had covered. The reaction to our new material was particularly pleasing and some audience members were a little disappointed at the end of the night that they were unable to buy CDs with their favourite songs on. However, they very kindly then joined the Na-Mara mailing list so that they could find out when they are formally recorded and available for purchase. Forward sales, that’s what we like.

Rob was on cracking form throughout the evening inducing one audience member to remark that his guitar playing was a ‘bit of a scenestealer’ as, indeed, it is.

Many thanks to Steve and all the club members at Bracknell Folk Club for a lovely evening and we sincerely hope to return to the club at some stage in the not too distant future.