A Return to Orpington Folk Club, 15th September 2016

There is a great deal of humour and a lot of good music to be heard at the Orpington Folk Club and it was a great pleasure to be invited back to the club after our visit in late 2015.

Held in a large room to the rear of the lovely Change of Horse pub in Farnborough Village just outside Orpington, club residents provide some of the best accordion music to be found in southern England, supported by some excellent floor singers. Such is the enthusiasm for the music, as soon as the room is set up, the music starts up, for the pure joy of it - usually well before the official club start time of 8.15pm.

On what was a stiflingly hot evening, just ahead of major thunderstorms and downpours, Rob made his way to the venue from central London and I took the M25 and called in to see an old friend for a cup of tea and a sustaining chocolate brownie before arriving at the club.

Met by the irrepressible Ted and Anne, Rob and I set up and tuned up, as club members began to arrive. The banter in the club is of the highest order and one overenthusiastic club officer who had tried to charge Rob for entry was teased mightily throughout the evening.

Orpington is a great singing club and club members were always willing to join in with our choruses. We had some lovely feedback from a number of those attending and it was a pleasure to provide an encore to the club. We chose to play the lovely Irish song, The Maid of Culmore. However, as we began, the heavens opened and we were subjected to a Buddy Rich drum solo of rain pelting down on the roof windows that we could just about be heard over.

Thankfully, by the time we had packed up and garnered information about just how difficult it was going to be to get back home through the Dartford Tunnel, the flash storm had subsided and the journey home was only slightly mad instead of insane.

Many thanks to Ted, Anne, Ivan and all at the Orpington Folk Club for a very pleasant evening last night.We wish them and all the members of the Orpington Folk Club all the very best and we hope to see them all again sometime in the future.