The Festival Season gets underway, St Neots Folk Festival, 8th June 2013

It was with great pleasure that we had accepted Patti and Roger Pitt’s invitation to conclude the afternoon club concert at the St Neots Folk Festival, held in The Priory Centre in St. Neots. The St Neots Folk Club has been very kind to na-mara over the years and always provide the warmest of welcomes – so we were very keen to see everyone again.

Keen also to see some of the other club performers on through the afternoon, we set off for St Neots early after a brief lunchtime rehearsal. We arrived in plenty of time to a warm embrace from Patti. We grabbed a quick cup of tea in the town and made our way to see the performers. The afternoon was a busy time for the festival organisers, with dancers in the town square and a variety of technical workshops being held in the Centre. However, taking advantage of breaks between sets in the club concert, we managed to quietly unload our gear at the back of the hall and settle down to see what was happening.

Sadly, we had missed Martin Kaszak’s performance but were able to catch up with him and his news during a break. It was great to see Pamela Ward and Paul Cherrington again, performing their lovely mix of folk and blues – great guitar work and powerful vocals. We were also able to catch Ron Squire’s entertaining set and hear, for the first time, the beautiful music of Hannah Sanders. Hannah has a lovely voice and plays guitar and dulcimer really well. It was very interesting to chat with her after the concert and hear about her influences here and abroad, and where she had been playing in the local area. Check her out on .

Our own set finished off the afternoon and, despite my having a bit of a headcold, the throat tickles were subdued by the adrenalin or that cuppa earlier or something, and we felt good about our performance. It was really nice to see the Gwerziou set and L’Amant de Nantes beginning to fit into the set and, after finishing, we had lots of kind compliments from members of the audience and club members.

After packing up, saying our goodbyes and wishing Patti and Roger well for the evening concert, we headed for home. We had had a lovely afternoon and were buoyed up by both the performance and the responses – and a cold beer was calling loudly.

Many thanks to Patti, Roger and all at the St Neots Folk Club for the invitation to play at the festival and for, once again, making us so very welcome.