The Silver Duro

The Silver Duro
Music: na-mara, Lyrics: P. McNamara

On the quayside at Santurce, our tears they mixed with rain
We held tight until parted, swore that we’d soon meet again,
With a wink and a kiss, as the wind it did blow,
You pressed in my hand, as I turned to go,
A silver duro

And all through that long journey, the Habana did roll and heave
To England we were heading, but for our mothers we grieved
Down below decks, we were pitched to and fro
But my fingers held tight to that treasure bestowed
My silver duro

For eight long years then we travelled, moving from town to town
Enjoying the kindness of strangers, we feared not the xenophobe’s frown
But my thoughts turned to Spain when my spirits ran low,
When staring at rain through a dusty window
Or my silver duro

When at last peace had returned, I started to count the days
(But) with the cruel revenges of Franco, you implored me to stay away
From a boy to a man, ah the years they turned slow
Until all I had left was a faded photo
And that silver duro

When at last we were united, the tears of joy did pour
A dream made real in that moment, a grown man a son once more
Around you then, my arms I did throw
I opened my fist and to you I did show
Our silver duro

And now we are together, we never once more shall part
No writer, painter or poet can capture the love in my heart,
But we’ll never forget that time long ago
When the rain it did fall and the tears they did flow,
Or that silver duro

On our 2010 album ‘The Bite’ we included a song about the evacuation of 4,000 Basque children from Bilbao in May 1937. The Silver Duro continues that story and relates what happened to Rob’s father and many of the other Basque children who remained in Britain through the subsequent war years and beyond.