Navajos and Pirates

We wrote this song to commemorate those courageous young men and women who stood up to Nazism in late 1930s Germany and on into the war years. Known collectively as the Edelweiss Pirates because of the metal badges they wore emblazoned with the flower, their group name in Cologne was The Navajos.

Virtual Showcase for Cambridge Folk Club, Friday 24th July 2020

Given that the COVID-19 pandemic had effectively demolished our performance diary for 2020, it was lovely to receive an email from our friends at Cambridge Folk Club asking us to take part in one of their virtual showcase evenings.  In the musical emptiness of lockdown, this was our first ‘gig’ of any type since we had played in Oxford in early March and, I must say, it was nice to have something in the diary again to work towards.

Comrades Come Rally: Holywell Music Room, Oxford, 8th March 2020

After spending time writing and rehearsing through much of January and February, March 8th saw Na-Mara’s first performance outing of the year.  We were honoured to have been invited to perform alongside fellow musicians and actors at an event to commemorate the contribution and sacrifice made by men and women from Oxfordshire to the fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War.  The venue was the Holywell Music Room in Oxford, a sublime and historic