Navajos and Pirates

We wrote this song to commemorate those courageous young men and women who stood up to Nazism in late 1930s Germany and on into the war years. Known collectively as the Edelweiss Pirates because of the metal badges they wore emblazoned with the flower, their group name in Cologne was The Navajos.

Hadleigh Folk and Acoustic Music Nights, Hadleigh 8th July 2022

With Rob feeling unwell on the morning of our long-awaited return to Hadleigh Folk and Acoustic Nights, it was clear that there would not be time for the club to make any alternative arrangements.  As such, I would need to do this 45 minute set solo.  So, I called organiser Simon Haines, explained the situation and began busying myself rearranging the planned set list.

Croydon Folk Club, Ruskin House, Croydon, 27th June 2022

I'll confess to a level of trepidation ahead of this gig at Croydon Folk Club. This had nothing at all to do with the club or the music and everything to do with rush-hour M25, navigating the fiendishly busy roads of Croydon and finding a decent parking spot to unload the gear for the gig. We managed my motorway worries by setting off very early for the gig with the aim of getting there first and then being able to relax. So, we set off from St.

St. Neots Folk Club, The Priory Centre, St Neots 21st June 2022

Ah, the mysteries of ‘unknown unknowns’. Only the satellites in the sky will ever know why the quick-witted idiot that is my SATNAV picked out such a circuitous and very rural route to get us to St. Neots for our Tuesday night gig. It certainly knew something we did not.  Despite living very close to the A1M, it didn't deliver us to it before we arrived in Hitchin in the north of the county. Thankfully, beyond that, it was clear sailing.