Redbourn Folk Club, The Hollybush PH, Redbourn, 5th October 2022

After an arduous journey to Grimsby and back the previous Sunday, the six miles to perform again at the lovely Redbourn Folk Club were as nothing.

The Redbourn Folk Club is recovering strongly from the aftermath of the COVID lockdown and, after a few months of singers' nights, it is now beginning to book guests again. As such, it was an honour to be amongst the first invitees to perform there on a guest night.

The club room is located in a former schoolhouse, now an annex to a busy village pub. The venue itself is small and, as such, does not require any PA amplification. This allowed Rob, me and our friend Dave to arrive just after 7:30pm and still have plenty of time to chat with MC for the night (and very fine singer) Malcolm Hobbs and be set up ready for 8.00pm.

The club itself may be small but it is mighty in terms of the depth of the talent it has amongst its regulars. Apart from Malcolm, who did two excellent songs, I didn't catch everyone's name except for the fun and clever trio who kicked the night off very well, the wonderfully named ‘Bones of Contention’.

By the time we took to our feet to perform, the room was choc-a-bloc full. The floor singers had done a great job warming the audience up ready to sing and, with a very chorus-rich set, we were able to build on that in our two forty-minute sets. The whole audience proved receptive and responsive to our music and sang their hearts out all night. It was a pure joy to perform for them.

Many thanks to Malcolm and Jenny for inviting us once again to perform at the club and we wish Redbourn Folk Club all the very best as it returns to full strength in the coming months