The Sirens’ Call

Well we met at the dance one Saturday night
And your smile it soon held me in thrall
And for days after that, with my phone in sight,
I hoped against hope you might call

You were handsome and kind, a king in my eyes
And I loved you with all of my heart
We were married that June, not a cloud in the sky
And I thought that we never would part


But our ship has lost its bearing
And the reefs lie all around
The sirens they are calling
And you - a slave to that sound

On our honeymoon days, you were open and true
As a father, bighearted and dear
But as time it moved on, someone else new
Took over and you disappeared

You came moody and drawn, always ready to fight
Bitter, sullen and dour
And I thought it was me that offended your sight
As we fought for hour upon hour


Well, I should have been quicker to see all was not well
For the signs were all there to be seen
The things that went missing, the gifts that you’d sell
And the house that was nearly picked clean

So, asking around, I uncovered the loans
That you’d hassled from family and friends
The bills left unpaid, the cards you now owned
And the job that was shortly to end


Oh, this ailment of yours, it carries no scar
From bookie, casino or phone
For ‘I’ll win big next time’ is your guiding star
When Lady Luck leaves you alone

So, let battle commence, and I’ll fight for a man
Humbled by frailty and greed
So, come away now and we’ll do what we can
‘Til the man that I love, he is freed


Music: Na-Mara, Lyrics P. McNamara

Gambling addiction wreaks havoc in many families.  This song tells a typical tale of the damage done.  The listener must judge whether the wife’s efforts at salvation for her husband can bear fruit.