A welcome return to Bishop's Stortford, 15th May 2014

We made sure we were on the road bright and early to travel across Hertfordshire to play once more at the excellent Stortfolk. Organisers Jon and Hilary McNamara (no relation) and Stortfolk club members have always been most welcoming and appreciative of our work and it was great to be seeing them all again.

An early arrival allowed us a brief time to have a wander around the centre of this very pretty town before the folk club got underway. After about 30 minutes exploring we returned to the car, picked up our instruments and made it over to the club.

Across the Bridge, a visit to Newport Folk Club, April 10th 2014

There is nothing more pleasing for a band than when a club gets in contact directly to invite you to play. Terry Parsons from the Newport Folk Club had reviewed the video material on our website, thought we might fit the bill for club members and had contacted us through our web-site. Naturally, we were very pleased to accept his invitation and make the trip to south Wales. We had played in Maesteg in May 2012 and been keen to return to the area ever since.

A lovely return to the Herga Folk Club, April 7th 2014

The Herga Folk Club holds a very fond place in our hearts and it was lovely to have the opportunity to perform there again. After a lengthy period of hard work in the recording studio between January and March, our visit to Herga marked the start of a busy schedule of headliner gigs for us over the remainder of 2014. It was great to be out playing our full set again; the chance to do so in such a welcoming environment was doubly appreciated.

Back on the road again, Ely Folk Club 19th March 2014

After deliberately spending much of January and February close to home, recording and mixing material for our new album, it felt like a nice return to business as usual as we got back in the car and on the road again for our first gig of 2014.

Very kindly, when a slot became vacant to support Keith Donnelly at Ely Folk Club, Club organiser Ruth Bramley extended us the invitation to play. Having last worked with Keith at Bromyard Folk Festival six months earlier, this seemed an excellent way to renew both our acquaintance with him and with Ely Folk Club.

Welcoming Christmas at Dunton Folk, 7th December 2013

This was na-mara’s last gig of 2013 and it proved a splendid way to finish the year.

Dunton Folk is a relatively new club. It is uncompromising in its focus on high quality acts and has seen a star-studded list of guests perform there already in its short history. This evening was a Christmas celebration with top quality musicians Blast from the Past, and we were playing support.

An emotional evening at The Maltings, St. Albans, 6th December 2013

Through local folk activist Alison Macfarlane na-mara had been honoured with an invitation to finish off a fund-raising evening at The Maltings Arts Theatre in St Albans. The event was aimed at raising monies for the casting of a bronze statue in honour of local resident, Tom Watters, who had served bravely as an ambulance driver in the Spanish Civil War. Born in Glasgow, Tom had left his job as a corporation bus driver in the city to go to Spain in 1936 as a member of the Scottish ambulance unit. When the war finished he came to live in St Albans.

RISCy business in Reading, 1st December 2013

Reading Folk Club has been supportive to us from our earliest beginnings and it is always a pleasure to return there. Now based in RISC, the Reading International Solidarity Centre, performers at the club can be confident of a good, quiet, airy space to play in, with an appreciative, friendly and attentive audience close up. There is good food and beers in the wonderful cafe downstairs, and the whole place has an easy going vibe. Una and Colin, with the help of others, run an excellent club with a nice programme of performers, its own newsletter as well as its own mini book stall.

A lovely return to Cambridge, 18th October 2013

Such are the fond memories of our visits to the Cambridge Folk Club that I was surprised when Rob told me that, other than to perform briefly at a charity evening organised by club members Les Scrine and Deirdre Murphy, it had been a full 18 months since we had played there.

We arrived in good time for a full sound check, in the very capable hands of Les Scrine. We also had chance to chat with our friends at the club before the evening truly got underway. Downstairs in the bar, it was also good to see some old friends turn up unexpectedly and catch up with their news.

A Return to the Watford Folk Club, 11th October 2013

It is always a pleasure to play at the Watford Folk Club. It was doubly wonderful to find out that our appearance coincided with the fifth anniversary of the relaunch of the club. The committee at Watford Folk Club have done a really terrific job in growing membership and, through their popular singarounds and guest nights, have brought a lot of pleasure to people in the surrounding area through their hard work. They are also now beginning their second annual song competition which is a wonderful way to develop and attract new music.